Senior Correspondent, Times of India

Senior Correspondent, Times of India

Prasad is one of our most active ambassadors and never shy of giving us great input and feedback. He works as a senior correspondent with Times of India newspaper and is based in Pune. Prasad holds a post graduate degree in Mass Communication and Journalism and a Bachelor in Defence and Strategic Studies. Currently he covers civic issues and politics. But you can also hit him up if you are looking for expertise in defence and weather. 

What intrigued you personally about hostwriter?

Prasad: While covering civic issues in Pune I would often like to get  an international or – even better – a global perspective for writing the stories. So, I thought being able to find people on a networking site, where I can exchange my thoughts on global-level solutions, which can also be used at a local level, is just perfect.

What do you like about the concept?

Prasad: For somebody who wants to do a research there are two basic hassles: Firstly,  not knowing anybody in the particular area and secondly the  lack of local knowledge. Hostwriter helps you with that. In my opinion that’s the best thing that you can get.

Are these also the things you can offer colleagues, who come to Pune for a story?

Prasad: Yes. I can always provide them with a place to stay in Pune. And then it always depends on what they want to do a story on.  Also, if they are planning to go in the areas where I have contacts, I can help them with those.  I can also take them around, tell them about the city in general and the different parts of it.

You want to get in touch with Prasad Kulkarni?

Find him on via the “search by last name” function.