Hostwriter has published two booklets explaining the “Method” and the “Mindset” behind cross-border journalism. These booklets are the basis for presentations we give to journalism organizations. “Cross-border Journalism as a Method” is based on the work of investigative journalist Brigitte Alfter that was previously published in German and is now also available in English. “Cross-border Journalism as a Mindset” was developed by Hostwriter CEO Tabea Grzeszyk. We will continue to explore the topic together with our Ambassadors from all continents, stay tuned for upcoming publications in 2019!

Some of you may already have a copy of the booklet if you attended a recent workshop with us. For those of you who have not yet seen it, here are the downloadable PDFs:

Cross-border Journalism as a Method

Cross-border Journalism as a Mindset

We are planning to create a training sub-site for our website, which will include these publications, as well as a host of other downloadable resources – and eventually video tutorials.