The journalism students Jana Schmidt and Johanna Hutt from the Bavarian Academy of Television portrayed Hostwriter for their cross media-project “The Future of News“. They met  Co-founder Sandra Zistl in Munich and interviewed Senada Sokollu, foreign correspondent of  Deutsche Welle in Turkey. The video was first published on January 17th, 2014 on their blog

In the video, Senada Sokollu expresses her fear that members of Hostwriters could “steal” her stories – that, of course, is the opposite of what we have in mind! Supporting colleagues with advice doesn´t mean to reveal sensitive sources. Engaging in research-teams is not an invitation to steal someone else´s story. And sleeping overnight at a colleague´s place mustn´t be misunderstood as staying at a hotel-room free of charge. To prevent abuse, we include a CODE OF ETHICS into our “Terms of Use” that all members need to accept in order to join Hostwriter. We are presently discussing the draft on our blog – have we forgotten anything? We are looking forward to your comments & feedback…!