WE WERE IN THE MIDDLE OF GETTING EVERYTHING READY for the launch when Ulrike Langer from the “Digitales Quartett” sent an email to us: “Can you be my surprise-guest at the re:publica?” So the day before the launch, we were up on stage in a live-show in which Daniel Fiene needed to guess who co-founder Tabea was:

THEN CAME THE DAY OF THE LAUNCH. We were really excited, but everything worked out. Here is a message from some of our ambassadors that we showed at the event:

THE DAY FELT LIKE WE WERE IN A BUBBLE, giving interviews, speaking with partners. Here’s an interview that Tamara gave for the radio-show “Was mit Medien”/Dradio Wissen:

LATER ON, Mark Heywinkel interviewed us for meedia.de about how young media entrepreneurs invision the future of journalism:

DAY 1: SANDRA, TABEA & TAMARA ARE IN HEAVEN: Hostwriter had a kick-start with more than 100 members on the very first day!


BUT BEFORE WE KNEW IT, we had a debate about “elitarianism” on our back. Why? By mistake, “I´m a member/alumnus of a partner organization” was still marked as a mandatory field and colleagues thought that Hostwriter was for the “elite” of organized journalists only….


WITH THE HELP OF OUR PROGRAMMERS Kirsten Schelper and Friedhelm Oja, we’ve managed to fix all  the little beta-bugs so far. We are always happy for your feedback, please let us know how we can make hostwriter better and better! We have been busy with interviews and making plans with old an new Hostwriter-partners. With more than 370 members within the first week, we are excited to bringing Hostwriter alive!!!


See you on Hostwriter! Sandra, Tabea & Tamara