Geraldine Cremin, Project Facilitator for Hostwriter’s Agora Project, wrote a piece entitled, “Secrets of news togethering” for Walkley Magazine, detailing her experiences with the project and offering reasons why “we think collaboration is the way forward.”


“In March this year, we brought together a group of journalists from across Europe to put collaboration into action. The Agora Project — run by Hostwriter along with a team of young change makers in Armenia and funded by Advocate Europe — invited ten journalists from Croatia, Spain, Greece, Germany, Serbia, Italy, Wales, Austria and Portugal to team up in a temporary newsroom to collaborate on the biggest challenges facing Europe. Over six months, the participants met in Armenia and Sweden and supported each other in a virtual newsroom, offering each other local insights, feedback and editorial tips.

The final articles were published in the journalists’ home countries and in an English language online dossier. Each of our participants praised the collaboration for allowing them to go wider and deeper with their story, and particularly for allowing them to realise cross-border angles. The Agora Project is testament to the value of collaboration…”

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