In a major upgrade for Hostwriter, we welcome a new group to the platform: Publishers!

Ten years ago, Hostwriter embarked on a journey with a vision: to connect journalists across the globe through the power of cross-border journalism and collaboration. We stand proudly alongside a community of 6626 journalists hailing from 163 countries. It’s been an incredible journey, and we couldn’t be prouder of the growth and impact we’ve achieved together!

But our story doesn’t end here.

We’re thrilled to reveal the long-awaited relaunch of our website This is not just a fresher look for our website and a friendlier community platform; it’s also proof of our commitment to continue working towards inclusion and advancing the power of collaborative journalism.

So, what’s new?

We are excited to introduce one main feature as it truly embodies our ethos of inclusivity and progress – the invitation for publishers worldwide to join our community, completely free of charge.  This initiative opens doors for direct connections between publishers and journalists, transcending geographical barriers and fostering a truly global exchange of ideas and stories.

Imagine the possibilities: journalists accessing tailored pitches from a diverse pool of publishers, while publishers find the perfect storytellers for their projects from all over the world with pinpoint accuracy.

Our objective is to open avenues for direct connections and commissions, bridging the gap between local journalists from very diverse and remote places and newsrooms and publishers seeking for the best person to tell a story. That’s the future we envision—a future where collaboration knows no bounds.

Of course, that is not all. 

This relaunch also introduces a chat function for our community, facilitating communication, questions, and assistance requests when needed. Additionally, we’ve enhanced mobile functionality, ensuring a smoother experience when you log in from your phone. So, now it would be easier to connect with fellow journalists and discover new opportunities such as jobs, grants, fellowships, and more on HostWIRE, our community forum and collaboration tool.

If you are a journalist and would like to find a colleague for your next investigation, explore new grant opportunities for that story that you have been wanting to cover, or simply have a drink with a local journalist on your next field trip or conference, then head now to Hostwriter, you can register here for free and start having fun.

And behind every milestone, there’s a story of collaboration. This advancement was made possible in the framework of the the Display Europe project, fostering a shared European media landscape and opening doors to cross-border opportunities. Publishers connected to the Display Europe access a dedicated internal publishers space with resources and communication relevant to the project.

We are excited about this upgrade and hope you are too. It is not a secret that we are living in challenging times for journalism and cross-border collaboration has become more essential than ever. So here’s to the next ten years and beyond. Welcome to a better Hostwriter: where the power of collaboration knows no bounds.