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MADA24 Offers French-Language Story on Hostwriter at the Outriders Summit

As part of its French-language article on the Outriders Summit, MADA24 reported on Hostwriter’s announcement of the 2018 Hostwriter Prize Winners.   “Les sommets des Outriders et Hostwriters, deux organisations internationales ouvrant dans la promotion du journalisme, se tiennent actuellement… Continue Reading →

European Cultural Foundation Interviews Hostwriter CEO Tabea Grzeszyk

The European Cultural Foundation recently interviewed Hostwriter CEO Tabea Grzeszyk about winning the Google Impact Challenge and what that means for the organization and its plans for the future. “We happily congratulated Hostwriter – whose co-founder Tabea Grzeszyk was part… Continue Reading →

IJNET Reports on Hostwriter’s Award in Google Impact Challenge

The International Journalists’ Network featured a wonderful write-up about Hostwriter following our receipt of the Jury Prize in the Google Impact Challenge Deutschland.   “A recent winner of the Google Impact Challenge, Berlin-based media startup Hostwriter is all about collaboration — be… Continue Reading →

Hostwriter Makes #Netzwende List of Indie-Startups in Journalism

#Netzwende, an initiative by VOCER, listed Hostwriter as an indie-startup creating new paths in journalism, along with other big names like Perspective Daily, Correctiv and Deine Korrespondentin. _____________________________   “In der Wahrnehmung der meisten Menschen besteht unser Mediensystem aus dem… Continue Reading →

MediaShift Highlights the Agora Project

MediaShift highlighted Hostwriter’s Agora Project as the “Collaboration of the Week” in January 2018.   “Reporting on political polarization around the globe is a challenge for any journalist: by definition, these trends cross borders and encompass more than any one… Continue Reading →

Secrets of news togethering…

Geraldine Cremin, Project Facilitator for Hostwriter’s Agora Project, wrote a piece entitled, “Secrets of news togethering” for Walkley Magazine, detailing her experiences with the project and offering reasons why “we think collaboration is the way forward.”   “In March this… Continue Reading →

Agora Project turns polarising topics into deeper stories through cross-border collaboration wrote an article about Hostwriter’s Agora Project, detailing the process and results of the cross-border collaboration.   “Few issues stop at borders, but the journalists covering them still do. Cross-border reporting has become more commonplace as large investigations like… Continue Reading →

Hostwriter Featured in Bayerischer Rundfunk Series on Media Startups

In “Hostwriter – Plattform für Crossborder-Journalismus,” Bayerischer Rundfunk’s Pauline Tillmann published a report on Hostwriter for the Media Startups series on Das Medienmagazin. From the preview… “Seit etwa zwei Jahren gibt es immer mehr gemeinnützige Initiativen im Journalismus. Das ist… Continue Reading →

Hostwriter @ enorm Magazin, October 23rd, 2014

“Recherche ohne Grenzen” The enorm Magazin reports about hostwriter as a platform for research without borders. Von Jonathan Widder Auf der Plattform Hostwriter können sich Journalisten mit Kollegen weltweit vernetzen, um erfolgreicher zu recherchieren, hilfreiche Kontakte zu knüpfen und gemeinsame… Continue Reading →

Hostwriter @ European Journalism Observatory, August 19th 2014

“Netzwerk Hostwriter” Susann Eberlein interviewed Hostwriter co-founder Tabea Grzeszyk about the functions and the history of the journalism platform. For the English article, click here. von Susann Eberlein Vor drei Monaten haben Sandra Zistl, Tabea Grzeszyk und Tamara Anthony das… Continue Reading →

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