Hostwriter’s Tina Lee, head of the Ambassador Network and editor-in-chief of our Unbias the News book, wrote an article for PressPad called, “Diversity is more than meets the eye.” Below is a snippet from the article:

When you think of diversity, do you think about race, gender and class?

When my organization – – sent out a call for pitches on the theme of bias and discrimination in the field of journalism, we thought we had a pretty good idea of what kind of ideas we would get.

After all, it’s becoming more widely understood that the field of journalism in most countries has a long way to go before becoming an accurate reflection of society. In the UK, white, university educated men dominate the field. In India, high caste males dominate the headlines, despite being a minority of the country. In Germany, we don’t even know how bad it is, because the country refuses to collect equality statistics (but we have substantial evidence of discrimination at every level).

But in the end, we were surprised by the submissions we received. 

Read the entire article here.