HostWIRE is our new global crowdsourcing tool to help you connect with other journalists and to find and share journalism knowledge and resources. It’s a chatroom where you can interact quickly and easily with other Hostwriter members.

Are you looking for funding opportunities in your country? Would you like to join a cross-border collaboration with international colleagues? Here’s your home to search for information and to share your knowledge with others.

How does it work?

When you are signed in as a member on Hostwriter, you just click on the HostWIRE link to head to the chatroom.


Once you are in HostWIRE, click on a category to browse through the current topics, or click on the search icon at the top right of the screen to search for something specific.

You can also create a new topic within a category to start a new conversation on a subject you care about.


When you click on a topic, you can scroll through the posts under that topic. To add a new post to the topic, click Reply on the first post. To respond to one of the posts already there, click Reply to that specific post.


Here’s what it looks like to Reply to the first post:


Here’s what it looks like to Reply to someone else’s post:


Currently, anyone can create a new Topic within a Category, but only administrators (Hostwriter staff members) can create new Categories. If you have an idea for a Category that does not currently exist, please email us to propose a new Category for HostWIRE.

Quick Navigation Tips

If you’re looking around in a topic and you want to quickly return to the HostWIRE home screen, just tap the round logo in the top left corner:


If you are in a category and want to get to a different category, click on the grey drop-down category menu:

And, if you are reading a topic (here, it’s the “Funding sources, grants and awards” topic) and want to get back to the main page of the category for that topic (here, the “Resources for Journalists” category), click the name of the category on the top bar, just below the name of the topic you are in:


The idea behind HostWIRE is to be each other’s “eyes and ears” on the ground: If journalists from all over the world share and exchange opportunities, we can all benefit from this shared information in the end. Let’s join forces to learn from each other, support and collaborate with each other!

Join the conversation!