The journalist network Neue deutsche Medienmacher (NDM) organises a traineeship for exiled and immigrant journalists with the goal of diversifying the German media landscape. Hostwriter supports the project as a partner.

The new Neue deutsche Medienmacher (NDM) training programme is directed at young German journalists with immigrant backgrounds and exiled journalists. The 18 month training programme will help 50 candidates – 25 young journalists and 25 exiled journalists – to gain access to major German media houses. During the 18 month course, each trainee will receive professional guidance by a mentor or a tandem partner. Whilst the programme aims at benefiting both the candidates and the participating media partners, the objective is to qualify the candidates in various relevant areas and to help them build professional networks, which, hopefully, will eventually lead them to jobs in the media.


You can find the application form, contact information and a more specific description of the programme on the Neue deutsche Medienmacher website