held its first annual team meeting in the Social Lab in Kreuzberg, Berlin and discussed the happenings of the last months as well as the strategy for 2015. We proudly present the new extended team:

the Team

(from left to right)

André, photographer and journalist, is our newest member and will coordinate the social media affairs as well as help to establish a network in Brazil, where he lived many years before moving to Berlin.

Felix started as an ambassador before joining the team. He will portray ambassadors and stories from the Hostwriter community for our blog and coordinate the pool of members.

Ana-Marija, student of philosophy and law in Vienna and Paris, joined Hostwriter in winter 2014 and will be coordinating and contributing to the social media campaign as well as help to establish a network on the Balkans.

Tabea, co-founder of Hostwriter, is our chief of running affairs. She will keep an eye on structural issues and the development of the cross boarder-platform.

Sebastian’s IT-expertise has been essential for the functioning and development of since autumn 2014. He will continue providing indispensable technical know-how.

Kate, joined Hostwriter in autumn 2014 and is a journalist from London. She is responsible for the market analysis of collaborative journalist networks as well as expanding Hostwriter in the UK.

(not on the picture)

Tamara is a co-founder of and responsible for financial affairs and contributions.

Sandra is a co-founder of and responsible for legal affairs as well as reaching out to new co-operation partners.