We are very happy to announce the winners of the Hostwriter Prize! Thanks to the Otto Sprenger foundation, we can award grants to each one of our finalists: €5.000 for the first place, €2.000 for the second and €1.000 each for the third to fifth place. We hope this prize encourages more of such great collaborative researches!

First Place: The Climate News Mosaic
By Silvia Giannelli (Italy), Ido Liven (Israel), Diego Arguedas Ortiz (Costa Rica), Imelda Abano (The Philippines), Lou Del Bello  (Italy /UK), Justin Gerdes (USA), Anja Krieger (Germany), Stephen Leahy (Candada), Komila Nabiyeva  (Germany), Fabiola Ortiz (Brazil), Mantoe Phakathi (Swaziland), Elena Roda (Italy), Anna Valmero (The Philippines)

Second Place: „Fleeing Kobane: Only the things they could carry“
By Abed al-Qaisi (Palestinian territory), Matthew Vickery (Scotland) & Sheren Khalel (Palestinian territory/USA)

Third Place: Some work some play. India’s working children unionists”
By Gayatri Parameswaran (India) & Felix Gaedtke (Germany)

Fourth Place: „Violence in the Central African Republic”
By Peter Dörrie (Germany), Simon Allison (South Africa) & Jean-Louis Gondamoyen (Central African Republic)

Fifth Place: “25 Years Fall of the Wall”
By Dagmar Gester (Germany) & Diana Ivanova (Bulgaria)

Congratulations to all teams, we truly believe that these stories are amazing examples of the power of cross-border-collaborations in journalism. We are happy to portray the journalists and share their wonderful ideas with the Hostwriter community as it seems a shame that only us can learn about them. Felix, Kate, Sandra, Tabea and Tamara, team (at) hostwriter.org