By Gabriela Ramirez

Our team is very proud to introduce to you the selection of local journalists who will be working on the Sinking Cities Project. Chosen from a competitive set of applicants, these six journalists will be covering how rising sea levels and coastal flooding caused by climate change threaten their cities– and what their governments are planning to do about it.

Unbias The News, the remote cross-border newsroom by Hostwriter, launched the Sinking Cities project at the beginning of this year with the aim of training local journalists, particularly those underrepresented in climate journalism, and giving them publication opportunities to join a global conversation about climate change through our ambitious cross-border investigation into why threatened cities, rather than preparing and mitigating risks, appear to be building at an unabashed pace. With unprecedented temperatures accelerating the melting of the ice caps, this topic could not be more urgent.

We at Unbias The News dream of connecting more journalists and expanding to more cities that are likely to be impacted. If you are part of an organization that sees the importance of a project like this, get in touch. We are also planning to amplify the resulting articles in our network of media partners through the Indie Media Alliance, our Sinking Cities partner Dublin Inquirer and any others interested to take part in amplifying this important topic.

6 journalists to cover 6 sinking cities

Meet them, follow their work and amplify their voices: help us diversify and unbias climate journalism!

Karachi, (Pakistan), Zuha Siddiqui @SiddiquiZuha

Dhaka, (Bangladesh), Shamsuddin Illius @illiusbdRehab

Alexandria, (Egypt), Rehab Abdalmohsen @Rehabamohsen

Dublin (Ireland), Lois Kapila @LoKapila

Lagos (Nigeria), Ope Adetayo @OpeAdetayo1

Rotterdam, (Netherlands) Zuza Nazaruk @ZNazaruk

Thanks to, the European Cultural Foundation, the German Lottery Fund, Luminate and Addessium for making this project possible through their support. To join our funding consortium and enable more bold and diverse reporting projects, contact our managing directors Mercy Abang and Julia Vernersson: