By Zahra Salah Uddin

Recent months have shown us that while our media industry struggles worldwide, it’s now more important than ever for journalists to have a platform where we can feel a sense of community and be part of a cause together. World over, journalists struggle with censorship, lack of labor rights, and threats to their lives all while political polarization slowly hollows out the true meaning of journalism as audience trust dwindles.

Our platform HostWIRE is an excellent opportunity for journalists around the world to connect and collaborate with each other to tell stories that paint a bigger picture. Our network currently includes more than 6840 journalists from 159 countries worldwide. We now welcome media organizations to host their own groups on our platform to support their communities of journalists.

Exchange platform for journalists in exile with ECPMF

In May, we launched a closed group on HostWIRE in collaboration with ECPMF, to serve as an exchange platform for journalists in exile currently based in Germany. ECPMF has a project called ‘Opportunities in Exile’ and with HostWIRE, our goal is to help these journalists have meaningful interactions and a place to explore future professional opportunities. The group offers support to journalists with tips, tools, and advice on matters like finding a therapist, contacts for legal assistance, how to look for a job in Germany, and more.

“Thanks to Hostwriter’s platform and expertise we were able to create a space for journalists in exile in Germany to network with each other. We are hopeful that the information and resources shared in the group will support the journalists’ ability to access the resources they need to continue their vital work in Germany.”

Katrin Schatz, Project Manager Practical Support at ECPMF 

Connecting the ‘Re:Framing Migrants’ online community

Re:Framing Migrants in the European Media is a pilot project aiming to further develop and strengthen a community of journalists and media makers with migrant and refugee backgrounds across Europe. Our aim at Hostwriter is to provide our platform for migrant journalists to connect with more journalists on our network to find opportunities and support in careers. We wholeheartedly believe in the need to change the stereotypical narrative mainstream media employs when it comes to covering stories about migrants and refugees in Europe, and we support this community of media makers that are working towards a more inclusive and accurate representation.

“The HostWIRE platform serves an important role in providing a virtual space for participants to meet, exchange resources, and keep collaborating beyond the face-to-face spaces of the project; and it also connects the community of the project with other journalists in the network, enlarging the list of stakeholders reached and engaged in different activities.”

Lucas Lucas Tello Pérez, project manager

With 3678 users on the forum, we are proud of our efforts in strengthening the global journalism and media community on HostWIRE, and watching this community grow. If your media organization would like to collaborate with us for an alternative space for your community of journalists and media makers, don’t hesitate to contact us at

“We are very happy to welcome more organizations joining the Hostwriter network with their specific groups of journalists, to offer support and space for connection. The collaboration with ECPMF is a clear win-win situation, where Hostwriter provides infrastructure and ECPMF their support and expertise, particularly for exiled journalists in Germany. Similarly, the Re:Framing Migrants project, creates a space on our platform for journalists with interest in correcting the misrepresentation of migrants and minorized European population.”

Julia vernersson, co-managing director, hostwriter