Hostwriter is all about collaboration, and the 5000€ Hostwriter Prize is designed to reward journalists who have achieved tremendous results through working together.


  • You needed support from another journalist while doing a report and you eventually teamed up to do the story?
  • You are doing a piece together with a foreign colleague, who you’ve found over Hostwriter?
  • You are planning to realise a documentary as a group?

FAQs – Do/es …?

… the cooperation have to involve connections made via Hostwriter?

No, it doesn’t. We are aware of the fact that our platform is still very young – we’ll turn one in May 2015 to be exact – so, you cannot find people everywhere, yet. However, if you did connect over Hostwriter, please tell us, even if it’s just for us to get excited.

… you only accept group applications?

Yes, you can not cooperate with yourself. If you think differently, please tell us. Therefore an application has to have at least two participants.

… the piece have to be already finished/published?

No, the piece can be done and published, but we also accept applications with projects in the making. However, you have to convince us that your research is aiming towards publication.

How do you chose the winners?

We are considering two criteria: (1) collaboration and (2) good  journalism. The projects which excel the most in these fields have the best chances.

What do we have to submit?

  1. Describe your project. (500 words max)
  2. Describe your collaboration, also focusing on how it enhanced your journalistic project. (500 words max)
  3. Did you use Hostwriter. If yes, how?
  4. Submit a list of applicants. Names, ages, addresses and a link to each Hostwriter profile.
  5. Provide access to your finished project or give samples of your research if you’re still in the course of producing it.

When is the deadline?

Send your full application either in English or in German as a combined PDF until November 28th to If you’ve got questions, please contact us at

The prize is donated by the Otto Sprenger Stiftung.

Click here for more information about the cooperation with the foundation of Otto Sprenger to finance the Hostwriter Prize.