#PitchPrize – the winners

We are proud to present the the winners of hostwriter’s very first #PitchPrize. Congratulations to Hanne Couderé and Jim Huylebroek who follow a package of Heroin from the poppy fields in Afghanistan to the consumer in Europe in collaboration with Asli Elitsoy, Maria Cheresheva, and Stevan Stancic –… Continue Reading →

#hostwriterPrize: CONGRATULATIONS to all winners!

We are very happy to announce the winners of the #hostwriterPrize! Thanks to the Otto Sprenger foundation, we can award grants to each one of our finalists: €5.000 for the first place, €2.000 for the second and €1.000 each for… Continue Reading →

#hostwriterPrize, 1st place: The Climate News Mosaic

Silvia Giannelli (Italy), Ido Liven (Israel), Diego Arguedas Ortiz (Costa Rica), Imelda Abano (The Philippines), Lou Del Bello  (Italy /UK), Justin Gerdes (USA), Anja Krieger (Germany), Stephen Leahy (Candada), Komila Nabiyeva  (Germany), Fabiola Ortiz (Brazil), Mantoe Phakathi (Swaziland), Elena Roda… Continue Reading →

#hostwriterPrize, 2nd place: „Fleeing Kobane: Only the things they could carry“

By Abed al-Qaisi (Palestinian territory), Matthew Vickery (Scotland) & Sheren Khalel (Palestinian territory/USA)  “What do people take with them when they onlyhave a matter of seconds or minutes to escape? What stories, histories, emotions and thoughts does that item bring,… Continue Reading →

#hostwriterPrize, 3rd place: “Some work some play. India’s working children unionists”

Gayatri Parameswaran (India) & Felix Gaedtke (Germany) “We first met the boys in 2012 when they were 11 years old. When we met them in the summer of 2014, it was disconcerting to find out that they had both dropped… Continue Reading →

#hostwriterPrize, 4th place: „Violence in the Central African Republic”

Peter Dörrie (Germany), Simon Allison (South Africa) & Jean-Louis Gondamoyen (Central African Republic) “Collaboration doesn’t enhance our reporting. It alone makes it possible. Our collaboration is designed to go beyond pure utilitarianism and cost-sharing. As a team of three collaborators… Continue Reading →

#hostwriterPrize, 5th place: “25 Years Fall of the Wall”

Dagmar Gester (Germany) & Diana Ivanova (Bulgaria) “Since there weren’t any Bulgarian colleagues on hostwriter at the time, I had to track Diana Ivanova through other channels. I’m writing this application from Wroclaw, where I successfully contacted Polish colleagus via… Continue Reading →

#hostwriterPrize: Here come….the finalists!

In the last couple of days, we’ve had one of the toughest jobs in the world. The quality of the applications for the #hostwriterPrize left us ecstatic, though made the task of narrowing it down to potential winners a truly… Continue Reading →

#hostwriterPrize – together for better journalism

hostwriter is all about collaboration, and the 5000€ hostwriter prize is designed to reward journalists who have achieved tremendous results through working together. Examples: You needed support from another journalist while doing a report and you eventually teamed up to do… Continue Reading →

The aim of the #hostwriterPrize

For German version please scroll down! The #hostwriterPrize is donated by a foundation called Otto Sprenger Stiftung and honors collaboration in Journalism with up to 5.000 Euros. Tamara Anthony, one of the founders of hostwriter, is chairwoman of the foundation…. Continue Reading →

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