Hostwriter offers webinars in Cross-Border and Entrepreneurial Journalism

Would you like to have the latest training in cross-border journalism? Are you seeking ways to professionalize your journalism collective? Do you wonder how your newsroom could use Hostwriter to globally collaborate on stories?

Hostwriter has created a catalog of seven different workshops for journalists in three “tracks” to provide the training reporters need to develop professionally. Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, all trainings are only available digitally until further notice. In the future, we hope to resume our ability to conduct in-person workshops.

Cross-Border Journalism Trainings

  • Cross-Border Journalism at a Glance (including Method & Mindset)
  • Cross-Border Journalism Deep Dive (including Method & Mindset)
  • Cross-Border Journalism Master Class (in collaboration with ARENA for journalism in Europe)

Entrepreneurial Journalism Trainings

  • Branding for Journalists
  • Community Building from Scratch
  • Fundraising for Journalists

Introduction to Hostwriter

  • How to Use Hostwriter for Cross-Border Investigations and Stories

Hostwriter’s “Cross-Border Journalism Trainings” combine two complimentary modules. In the first module, participants are guided through the steps of the Cross-Border Journalism Method that was developed by our partner, Brigitte Alfter from Arena for Journalism in Europe, who wrote the book Cross-Border Collaborative Journalism: A Step-by-Step Guide (Routledge 2019). In the second module, we introduce participants to the concept of Cross-Border Journalism as a Mindset, which sheds light on collaboration as a tool to overcome Western bias within the global news narrative. The module is based on Hostwriter’s collaborative book project Unbias the News. Why Diversity Matters for Journalism (CORRECTIV 2019).    

Our “Entrepreneurial Journalism Trainings” provide skills development on the business side of journalism, both for journalism organizations and for freelance journalists.

And our “Introduction to Hostwriter” training helps journalists understand how to get their own cross-border collaboration started using our platform, which connects journalists from 150+ countries.

Click here to download the complete listing of courses to read their complete descriptions and for pricing information.

Contact us to book an online training facilitated by experienced Hostwriter staff members.

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